Warranty & Service

We provide the 24-month warranty for any model of PROLESKI indoor ski simulators, starting from the day when acceptance documents were signed by the customer.

All potential equipment malfunctions, arising or revealed during the warranty period, will be eliminated by our maintenance crew free of charge (by repairs or replacement of components).

proleski0011The warranty does not cover any equipment damage, caused as a result of use contrary to instructions, including:

  • damage due to power surges;
  • corrosive substances;
  • unauthorized change of structures or components;
  • defects or damage caused by force majeure (fire, flood, lightning, and other).

After the expiration of the warranty period we can also provide post-warranty service, which includes repairs, consulting, and replacement of worn units, mechanisms, components, accessories, etc.

We carry out both installation and after-sales warranty works.

Our maintenance center has highly qualified personnel and all equipment required.


  • Consultations and instructions from employees of our maintenance center;
  • Operational training and further servicing;
  • Strict observance of the warranty and post-warranty service provisions;
  • Any spare parts for a warranty or non-warranty simulator within 3 days;
  • Assistance in case there is a need for dismantling and subsequent installation of a ski simulator at other premises, with conduct of start-up and adjustment works.

According to the warranty provisions, all works on repairs of our equipment are carried out by our maintenance personnel free of charge.

To get an expert advice on operation and maintenance of PROLESKI ski training equipment, ask a question to our experts.