Experts note that a specific and undeniable advantage of PROLESKI endless slopes consists in the close supervision of an instructor on what a trainee does, and almost an unlimited variety of conditions, ensured within one training complex.

  • “The simulator helps to get the right position of the body, to put feet and lower legs parallel to the cant, to shift the body inside the turn, to work out the canting of both skis, and to create pressure in the slope line. And that’s not the end! Perhaps, in many respects, the number of possibilities of a ski simulator depends on the initial capabilities of the sportsman”.

Dmitry Starkovsky, mogul and new school skiing trainer, senior teacher of the Skiing Sports Department at P.F. Lesgaft National State University. 

  • “Sometimes snow forgives your mistakes, but PROLESKI never does!”  

Olga Kozachiuk, member of the National Mountain Skiing Team of Ukraine.

  • “Here, everyone solves his or her own tasks: high-class athletes sharpen their skills and keep fit during the off-season period. The tasks set correspond with the following features of artificial slopes: adjustable speed, training safety system, and a coating similar to the snow. The simulator gets all necessary groups of muscles involved into work. The simulator is the best place, where children and adult beginners can learn the basics of the skiing technique. Even those who just wish to lose weight, get what they want”.   

Nika Borisenok, Russian slalom champion.

  • “If you want to lose weight, cardio loads are absolutely necessary and can be arranged at a skiing simulator. An intensive 10 minute load ensures high level of coordination of the muscles, being in a fatigue state”.

Yelena Ivakhnenko, mountain skiing trainer.

  • “Exercises with PROLESKI infinite slopes are included into the mandatory program of preparation for competitions”.

Alexei Bezrukov, President of Mountain Skiing and Snowboarding Federation in Penza region.

  • “PROLESKI infinite slopes have been certified and highly appraised by professional trainers in Ukraine”.

Association of Professional Skiing Coaches of Ukraine (APSCU), Vasily Leskiv, APSCU President, Candidate Master in Mountain Skiing, Candidate Master in Water Skiing, “B” Category ISIA Coach in Mountain Skiing, participant of World Championships among trainers in 2005 and 2009, Interski 2011. 

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