Manufacture of PROLESKI indoor ski simulators

The production field for our company includes several lines, but recently heavy machinery has become our specialty, including manufacturing and servicing of hydraulic pump stations, conveyors, balancing of turbine rotors and shafts, designing and manufacturing of metal constructions. Today we are proud to announce about the establishment of a new field of our activities – ski equipment under PROLESKI trademark.

We have our own facilities for metal-working production and mechanical engineering, which are equipped with the state-of-the-art design and manufacturing units and devices. Thanks to the possession of a wide range of technological equipment we perform a complete cycle of works at our production facilities: operations on plasma metal cutting, turning and milling, seam annealing for heat treatment of welds, annealing and hardening of metal, bending, welding, and many others.

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals: both engineers and designers of our design department and mechanical men of our assembly squad have an extensive experience in this area. Available staff and production capacities allow us to carry out a large scope of works within the specified time period and to ensure high quality execution of all orders.

All equipment, manufactured at our production facilities, is pre-assembled at our Assembly Shop and tested continuously for 48 hours in various operation modes. During this period of time operation of all units and components, including the functions of PROLESKI indoor ski simulators, is checked under the close supervision of our engineers. Only after that the equipment is dismantled and all individual components are packed and prepared for loading into transport vehicles to be shipped to the customers.


Our production facilities have implemented an internal quality control system, providing our customers with the most reliable and safe equipment PROLESKI indoor endless slopes.

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When manufacturing PROLESKI indoor ski simulators, we work only with the leading OEMs and famous and time-proven brands.

Our concept

We treat our clients as our colleagues, taking into consideration all their wishes and needs.

Our philosophy

We not only sell and install the equipment – we help you to run the business process and, if requested, we take part at every stage, using our expertise and knowledge to achieve the best result.

We are interested to ensure that our equipment brings you the expected results.

Our quality policy

We work to ensure that you get equipment, manufactured on time and in accordance with all requirements on the quality and design. We are dedicated to the provision of both safe and convenient mountain skiing equipment to you and your customers. Our staff continuously follows the development of world’s best and most up-to-date technologies that could be used to enhance and perfect PROLESKI indoor ski simulators.