Kyiv — Ski club PROLESKI CLUB opened on December 18, 2012

Address: ART MALL Shopping and entertainment center, 2nd floor 37 Zabolotnogo Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01002

Ski Club PROLESKI CLUB Kiev is equipped with just the 4th ski simulators PROLESKI. These are three models of endless slopes PRO3, which are designed for the simultaneous rolling of three people on a slope with a fixed angle. The model of infinite slope PRO3D allows you to dynamically vary the angles of inclination of the ski simulator platform horizontally and vertically.

Ski club quickly gained popularity thanks to well thought-out price policy, flexible system of loyalty and various additional services. On the basis of the ski club in Kyiv organized classes in children’s and junior groups, and groups for adults under the auspices of the Association of Professional Ski Instructors of Sports of Ukraine. Particular attention is paid to training of children with the age of three. In addition, individual training conducted in the ski simulator PROLESKI.

Ski Club PROLESKI CLUB designed and created the concept of a business turn-key, with the direct management of the project Roman Pastushenko — commercial director and co-owner of TM PROLESKI. Franchise PROLESKI CLUB at the facility allowed as soon as possible to create a constantly evolving group of loyal customers, attract lovers of skiing and snowboarding capital of Ukraine, used narbotannye marketing techniques and to achieve positive financial dynamics.







Kherson — Ski club opened on November 18, 2013

Address: 18 Zalaegerszeg Str., Kherson, Ukraine, 73000, FABRIKA Shopping and entertainment center

Thanks to the ski simulators PROLESKI even in cities with a mild winter, you can easily organize the training complex and entertainment center, as an example — the opening of the ski club in Kherson SKI-CLUB, which has two endless slope PROLESKI model PRO3.

This model is the attraction for training of three people and has a constant slope of the moving belt.

Throughout the period of cooperation with the Kherson club our company has provided and continues to provide technical and information support, as well as assistance in the conduct of an efficient business activities.

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