We have installed PROLESKI infinite slopes at:

During 2013, our company has installed ski simulators in the cities of Ukraine and Russia. As experience shows, demand for this kind of entertainment is increasing each year and those willing to learn to ski on the alpine skis and polish their skills are becoming more.

For this reason, often installation of only one simulator endless slope usually is not enough. Because attendance of the ski club can be varied depending on the time of the year or day of the week. That is why, clubs provided in the list below have several ski simulators PROLESKI. Besides this, all ski simulators are designed maximum for 2 and 3 skiers at the same time.

opened in 2013:

Ski club in Krasnodar (Russia)  —  2 PRO2 model infinite ski slopes
Ski club in Saratov (Russia)  —  2 PRO3 model infinite ski slopes
Ski club in Yekaterinburg (Russia)  —  2 PRO3 model infinite ski slopes
Ski club in Kyiv (Ukraine)  —  3 PRO3 model and 1 PRO3D model infinite ski slopes
Ski Club in Kherson (Ukraine)  —  2 PRO3 model infinite ski slopes