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On the May 10th , 2021 we celebrated 14 years from the date of the ski simulators PROLESKI ™ department foundation!

Since that time, we have installed 138 simulators in more than 20 countries, including Ukraine, Russia, China, Thailand, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, France, Georgia, Taiwan, Turkey, Belarus and others.
It is an honor for us, to be a part of the international skiers and snowboarders and fans of active sports communities — thank you for your choice and trust!
And we are proud of the fact that the PROLESKI ™ simulators have passed the test of time and working properly throughout all exploitation period!


PROLESKI endless ski slopes – indoor ski simulators — infinite slopes

PROLESKI endless ski slopes – indoor ski simulator has several names: skiing sports amusement, indoor ski machinesendless ski descent, infinite ski slopes, ski deck, dry ski slopeendless slope, or a mountain skiing simulator. Irrespective of its name, it is a perfect assistant for skiing and snowboarding training for both children and adults, without any need to travel to a mountain skiing resort. With the help of a mountain skiing simulator both amateurs and highly-experienced fans of winter sports can get the best possible preparation for the season and keep their shape during the low season.

Training with an indoor ski slope simulator allows you to hone your skills, develops your sense of balance, and enhances your endurance, coordination and reflexes. Curiously enough, children, as compared with adults, master the techniques of the skiing sports amusement much faster, starting with the basics.



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Having arrived to a ski resort, the vast majority of people face the fact that during the first several days of the long-awaited rest their bodies have to adjust to the new physical activities, unusual for their everyday life, during which they experience unpleasant feelings in their joints, sinews, and muscles (as strains and DOMS – Delayed onset muscle soreness).

To avoid such unpleasant effects of this adjustment, you need to prepare your body in advance. Train with the PROLESKI endless ski slopes – indoor ski simulator for just 10 minutes a day for one week and the required adaptation will come easily and without any unnecessary discomfort.

Techniques for training of both amateurs and highly-experienced fans of skiing with the PROLESKI endless ski slopes – indoor ski simulators — infinite ski slopes, enable the correct use of almost all muscles and joints, working out of the proper hand position and movement of the knees, and distribution of the load onto the legs and feet – all these features in aggregate will ensure the opportunity to make your skiing technique better and safer.

You will feel it by yourselves that having worked out your technique of skiing with PROLESKI endless ski slopes – indoor ski simulator (infinite slope) your skiing or snowboarding willbe much easier and more pleasant than before.

A PROLESKI indoor ski simulators is a hi-tech skiing machines, suitable for use at a private house, gym, shopping and entertainment center, leisure park, etc. Due to the fact that an endless ski slope simulates skiing on the snow, it has been taken as mandatory classes by many ski sports teams, ski schools and ski clubs all around the world. Thanks to the thoroughly thought-out and designed safety system, skiing with the indoor ski simulator (infinite slopes) is allowed for children aged 3 years, which is not only wholesome from a physical point of view, but also gives children an incredible joy and delight that will surely raise the mood of their parents.

PROLESKI indoor ski simulator’s principle of work is similar to the one of a running track, but it has much larger dimensions. A special looped tape with a layer, which allows simulating ski or snowboard sliding on the snow, moves up progressively on an inclined surface of the platform. Real equipment is used for training, including skis, ski boots, ski poles, or a snowboard. Simulator’s operation is controlled by an instructor, using a stationary control panel or a radio-controlled remote operation device.

The instructor stays in immediate proximity to a trainee at the simulator, which is especially convenient during classes with children, and can control the following functions with a remote control: start, stop, acceleration and deceleration of the tape speed, and moistening of the covering material. Wetting of the covering tape is done automatically after a signal from the remote control and is used to reduce the friction force between the working surface of skis/snowboard and the tape surface. There is a starting plank in front of the simulator, used by simulator’s trainees for holding on when the tape starts moving.

There are motionless areas on both sides of the moving tape, alongside which a protective railing is installed. At the top of the simulator there is another motionless area, which has a vertical safety control installed in the form of a sports mat with the PROLESKI corporate-style design.

To ensure the safety of trainees we use infrared sensors, installed at the side railing and directed perpendicular to the direction of the tape’s motion near the top edge of the moving part of the tape. The use of such system allows you to automatically stop the motion of the tape in case a trainee falls.

Using PROLESKI endless slopes – indoor ski simulators (infinite slopes), indoor skiing machines businessmen often arrange ski clubs, located at commercial property premises – shopping centers, entertainment facilities, etc. with a good traffic of visitors.

In addition to training (a mountain skiing school) of snowboarding or skiing techniques, sports training, and preparation for trips to ski resorts, a ski club can use ski simulators for weight loss, arrangement of team competitions, corporate events, and active, funny and unforgettable children’s birthdays, and, surely, this is a wonderful place for active family recreation.

Business idea – a ready business solution: PROLESKI CLUB ski club franchise

Your own mountain skiing club is a well-proven business idea, and we can offer you a turnkey business solution – a PROLESKI CLUB franchise , which has been well-tested at existing clubs. We will ensure your protection from competition at the regional level and provide full and comprehensive support and advice from our specialists at all stages of your club operation, so that you could get the maximum positive result from the PROLESKI CLUB franchise business.

Even at the stage of preliminary agreements, before the simulators are sold, our experts will professionally help you to arrange the optimal zoning of your space for installation of the indoor ski simulators, equipment storage area, relaxation zone, and a cafe. You can request a feasibility study on the ski club opening project, then study the offer and compare prices and features of various models. We ship our equipment all around Ukraine, to Kazakhstan, Belarus, Europe, and other countries. You can purchase PROLESKI indoor ski simulators (infinite slopes) at the best price.

Our installers carry out turn-key assembly and installation of the equipment. Contacting us you will get the highest level of service, guaranteed quality, and highly-reliable equipment — infinite slopes, ski simulators, endless slopes.

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