Additional options for PROLESKI endless slopes:



Price, USD Photo
1. PROLESKI Concentrate-moisturizer

–  improves carpet’s sliding features and extends its service life. Makes skiing process more realistic. It is non-toxic, odor- free and doesn’t leave stains on your clothing.

50 USD / 1 litre
2. LCD indication panel

LCD display (19” diagonal) shows speed, time, and distance. It notifies trainer and skiers on the session end 10 seconds before the ski simulator band stops. It is mounted to the stationary control panel with a rotating mechanism.

640 USD / 1 piece proleski_panel
3. Height adjustable front guard rail

(min height – 80 cm, max height – 150 cm)

Material: polished stainless steel. It helps to select the optimal height depending on the skier’s height. It also helps both children and adults to ski and to train with maximum comfort.

900 USD / 1 piece
4. PROLESKI Hardware and software

It helps to keep automatic records on the mountain skiing club operation: clients’ database, billing, bonus system, sales, discounts, execution of financial reports and reports on the staff performance, statistics, management of accounts and clients’ cards, control: deposit club cards, season tickets, and gift certificates.

It has a customer-friendy graphic interface, supports a number of different languages and currencies, and has a flexible system, adjustable according to individual customer requirements. It ensures full control over the staff performance due to the embedded system of access rights. It also helps to fight with mistakes and misuse by the staff.

Allows working with both contact-free and magnetic cards.

The price includes the cost of the following software and computer equipment:

1) Cashier-administrator working place + computer with a display + check printer + card reader.

2) Trainer’s working place + monoblock computer with a touchscreen + card reader.

3) Module for customers’ information on the card balance + computer with a display + card reader.

7020 USD / 1 item
4.1. Software technical support  (12 months) 500 USD / 12 months
5. Access control system for clientsA system with integrated software, representing a turnstile, made of stainless steel, letting customers in to the skiing area only after the payment with PROLESKI plastic cards. Such system helps to prevent the misuse by the staff.

It is supplied with PROLESKI hardware and software only (section 4).

2500 USD / 1 piece
6. Record system for customers training with the simulator. A smart scanning system (IR/video) constantly controls the number of clients, skiing at the simulator. ACombined with PROLESKI hardware and software, the system allows the exclusion of misuse by the staff with respect to the access clients, who have not paid for the skiing.
12500 USD / 1 piece
7. Ergospirometric system

7.1. Is used for collection, analysis, and control of skier’s physical abilities.

7.2. Based on the data, received by our software, the simulator is controlled automatically (speed, slope angle, training time) to achieve the pre-set physical state of the sportsman.

Price is calculated only after the provision of a technical specification. ergospirometr
8. Track programing and simulation system

Is used for pre-set control of the simulator’s functions by a trainer and displays information on a 52″ LED monitor.

Price is calculated only after the provision of a technical specification.  
9. Safety line system

Helps to protect clients from falling while skiing.

16080 USD / 1 piece
10. Mirror stand Price is calculated only after the provision of a technical specification.