Alpine ski simulator, sports attraction SKI SLOPE DISK

Is designed for group sports and active-entertainment trainings on the alpine skis, snowboards and tubes.

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Not everybody have constant and easy access to the snow slopes and it makes learning to ski difficult to access. Or not?

By installing our revolutionary SKI SLOPE DISK — skiing on skis and snowboards becomes possible without mountains or snow! Now such possibility is within your reach.

Alpine ski simulator SKI SLOPE DISK will help you in this.

But after all, how does this system works?

Attraction allows operating the turning of the disk in two directions, by regulating turning speed of the platform along with its angles tilting. It enables that the attrition may be used for visitors of all training levels and ages.

Skier by standing at the upper spot of the platform with the coverage, slides along the slope going down but thanks to the constantly moving surface, that by turning translationally moves in the direction of the skier, skier actually remains at the same place.

Or in case of training on the cross-county skis, otherwise, the skier stand on the lower part of the platform, and makes movements directed upwards, but since the surface in this case mover towards him, then he stays at the same place.

Ski simulator PROLESKI SKI DISK is a unique and revolutionary product in the field of mountain skiing and recreational activity!

PROLESKI SKI DISK was developed by our design project leaders and combines endless slope + dry alpine slope and continuous motion forward with the possibility of tilting angles changing!

One of the greatest benefits is that those go training on PROLESKI SKI DISK experience same feelings that at the skiing on the snowy slope.

This unique ski simulator PROLESKI SKI SLOPE DISK with the dry surface is extension of PROLESKI ski simulators models range.

PROLESKI SKI SLOPE DISK has form of circle on the platform that is installed on the floor. Platform allows carrying out tilts and moving forward so that lower part is constantly changes its place. Thanks to it, PROLESKI SKI DISK is fits perfectly for several kinds of sports, including lessons and trainings on the alpine skis and snowboards, and surely for the active children pastime and happy leisure time!  

Ski simulators, attractions have regulated tilt angle from 0 to 20 degrees.Movement speed can be changed smoothly from 0 to 30 km/h.

We have developed and are producing attractions SKI SLOPE DISK in to main standard sizes:

Model SKI DISK 12 – disk diameter: 12 meter in diameter. Required height: 6 meters. Number of the simultaneously training adults: 3 people.

Model SKI DISK 16 – disc diameter: 16 meters in diameter. Required height: 8 meters. Number of the simultaneously training adults: 6 people.

Model SKI DISK 20 – disk diameter: 20 meters in diameter. Required height: 10 meters. Number of simultaneously training adults: 10 people.

Besides trainings on the snowboards and alpine skis, on the disk simulator – attraction it is also possible to go training on: cross-country skis (including biathlon), go training in running and race-walking, arrange training on bicycles, etc.

Applicable to the alpine skiing simulators SKI SLOPE DISK also allow during training on the alpine skis to use ski-ramps and to work on the freestyle elements.

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You have always dreamed to start practicing freestyle on skis or snowboard? Alpine ski simulator PROLESKI allows practicing technique of most difficult twists.

By placing ski-ramps, pyramids, counter slopes and railings, it will be possible to practice new tricks again and again. Check yourself, master new tricks with help of the professional instructors. On the attraction PROLESKI it is possible to simulate fully functional amusement park.

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Competitive skiing:

Competitive skiing requires accurate technique. Simulator PROLESKI SLOPE DISK allows to fully simulating racetrack. Now you can go training constantly and keep the accuracy in technique.

Turning and tilts of the ski simulator allows to accurately simulating the slope! It is possible for competitive skiing, and also for snowboard competitions. Speed and tilt angle of the disk can be regulated which allows for beginners and experienced visitors to practice their sports skills.

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Multilevel electronic stability control accurately monitors position of the people that are training on the ski simulator and in case of their falling automatically will stop its movement.

The instructor from the fixed control board controls attraction and also from the remote control, which allows instructor to have larger discretion and comfort for work with people that go training.