PROLESKI PRO1D indoor ski simulator (infinite slopes)

Can be used at fitness centers, sport clubs, entertainment and shopping centers, mountain skiing schools, education and sport establishments.

trenajer-animation-2 proleski-pro3d

Slope speed is shown for description only.

In reality the slope speed is adjusted smoothly at a given speed.

PRO1D model is designed for simultaneous training of up to 1 person.

Technical characteristics

# Specification dynamic models
series Direction
1 Recommended number of skiers without including coach, for comfort skiing with the skis with length of 170 sm 1
2 Working length, mm 3100
3 Working width, mm 4650
4 Lifting mechanism type   electric cylinders
5 Inclination angle, ° V: +8° +23°, H: +/-10°
6 Maximum speed of the moving band basic/option km/h 35/40
7 Speed of inclination switching, deg./sec. 2,5°/s
8 Speeding up of the inclinationangle switchint is basic and set up to, m/s2 1 m/s2
9 Recommended height of the ceiling at the maximum lifting, m 4,5
10 Overall width, mm 5570
11 Overall length (changes connected with the p. 5), mm 5029 .. 5252
12 Height of the upper platform, mm (changes in accordance with p.5) 1368 .. 2355
13 Height of the lover platform, mm 950
14 Width of the mounting spot, not less than 6554
15 Length of the mounting spot, not less than 5350
16 Weight, kg 4500
17 Load distribution and number of bearing plates 3
18 Power consumption (working/max.), kW/h 3,5/ 25 kW
19 Framework, processing powder painting or zincing
20 Handrails aluminium with wooden plate (beech)
21 Starting plank stainless steel
22 Working covering covering with the pile height 23 mm
23 Lead and driven shafts rubber covered
24 Band stabilization system automatic
25 Gradual speed control +
26 Standing control board +
27 Standing control board Future option
28 Remote control +
29 Ski carpet speed up adjustment option
30 Automatic wetting water feed +
31 Indication panel LCD V km/h, S km, t minutes 19,5″
32 Break unit for quick stop +
33 Zones of automatic break +
34 Protective mat +
35 Safety suspention system option
36 Mirrors stand option
37 Automatic maintenance system option
38 Statistics and billing system PROLESKI option
39 Slopes programming system option
40 Ergospirometry system option
41 8D Vision System option
42 Lubrication concentrate PROLESKI option
43 Function «realness» /speeding up of the inclination angle switching can be regulated up to 10 m/s2 option
44 Qualified training of instructors option
45 Function Transformation –> Direction
46 Automatic adjustment of the upper platform in horizontal position
47 Walk way for the operator is 800 mm + working place of the operator + additional backup control panel

Main difference of the modification PRO1D endless slope PROLESKI of series Direction is possibility of changing angle tilting of the moving band not only in vertical direction but also in horizontal direction. This considerably complicates conditions of trainings that will be for sure attractive for those who have notable experience in alpine skiing.

Higher complexity of trainings requires special attitude towards safety and alpine ski simulator PROLESKI PRO1D is equipped with all the necessary components for providing of the adequate safety level: mat at the upper part of the simulator, unmovable parts for rest on the sides of the moving, perimeter fencing system, emergency shutdown system.

Changing of the band tilting angles is performed with help of the lifting mechanisms on the electric cylinders. This complex assembly requires application of only highest quality materials that our company purchases only from the most well known manufacturers:  SKF, ABB, Lenze etc.

For reaching of the realistic effect we are using special covering of the moving band made of the composite materials. High-tenancy pile of the covering can be used during 5000 hours of the continuous use.

Same as for any other ski simulators PROLESKI, for model PRO1D, there are extended all warranty policy, and also there is possibility of conclusion of contracts for the post-warranty maintenance.