Endless slopes indoor — ski simulator — infinite slopes PROLESKI CROSS series for skirollers and biathletes

Can be used in fitness centers, sport camps or clubs, skiing schools, training centers.

2013-H4 2013-H3 2013-H2
slope angle 0° slope angle -3° slope angle +15°

The comparative characteristics of simulators for ski rollers

Our company is constantly improving the functionality of cross-country ski simulators for high sportsmanship and the needs to achieve the greatest effect of workout, based on the analysis of the best world analogues and close collaboration with the Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports, biathlon coaches, skiers of rollers, sports doctors.

Prototype development of CROSS series served as simulators for high sportsmanship:

  1. ProleskiPro 3D is the world leader between ski simulators, «infinite slopes», has no analogues all over the world;
  2. TreadmillWideversionis theEuropean leader ofsimulators for skiers of rollers.

Key benefits of CROSS series before global peers:


1. Effectiveness of training:

  • Wider range of angles platform: -3 to 15 and high positioning accuracy up to 0.5 mm.
  • Higher rate of variation of the angles of inclination of 2 m / s.
  • Function «bumps and jumps» on the platform, by accelerating the inclination to 7 m/s2;
  • More dynamic acceleration tape and stop 5 m/s2, due to the smaller diameter shafts, their weight, high torque motors and productive braking system;
  • Maximum speed up to 60 km / h;
  • An available function of system programming allows you to repeat runs a real relief.

2. Safety:

  • The suspension of belay with systems of straps for 100% preventing from fall.
  • Large mat is designed for training without the suspension of belay.
  • Multilevel system of sensors for controlling the process of standstill a tape and athlete’s position.
  • Ergonomic enclosure for relaxation and approach to the doctor.

3. Aesthetics, modern design, fine materials, stainless steel.


4. Automatic stabilization of physiological indicators of athlete is achieved by a synchronizing of ergo-spirometry system with the simulator through its own software and software package, allow you to work on the set of physiological indicators and training to bring the most effective indicator to optimize the work both: a doctor and a trainer.

5. Intuitive and functional interface software, the choice of language.

6. High class of ergo-spirometry system.

Oxyconmobile is the world leader in sports medicine. It is also a high accuracy, a long service life, an easy to use interface, the extensive programs, the lower operating costs (comparative description is available on request).

7. Easy management system: a stationary control system with redundant, a remote control, a computer control of all components are included in the basic package.

8. The ergonomics includes:

  • A playground for a doctor automatically takes constant horizontal position, and it does not depend on the tilt of the platform.
  • A table for equipment and drugs.
  • A fenced unilateral passage width of 800 mm.
  • A comfortable system of fencing.


9. Higher reliability of lifting mechanisms through the use of electric cylinder, instead of hydraulics, which significantly increases the safety of the equipment and precise positioning. Solved problems: broken hoses, wry trainer and as a consequence, the violation of construction debris fine holes, oil leak.

10. Automatic MOT: automatic lubrication system of programmable friction units, maintenance is required, unlike the hydraulic system (1 time every 6 months — replacement oil filters, replace all rubber seals, 1 time per year for replacing the entire oil, 1 time every 3 years to replace all the hoses).

  • High reliability of a two-tier system of automatic stabilization tape, tape exhibiting once and does not require adjustment.
  • Reliable electrical part works with the phase conductors only, without the use of neutral, which increases the reliability of the system and does not allow unbalance unlike competitors.
  • Energy savings: peak load of 27 kW / h, the average consumption of 7 kW / h electric cylinder consumes electricity only when the angle of inclination, hydraulic works constantly.

11. Modern computer, software package with high performance, functionality and screen resolution.

12. Reliable precision electronic sensors for monitoring the position of the athlete on the track as opposed to mechanical.

13. Quality: the main components and mechanisms, materials and components used the leading European manufacturers only.


14. Reduced fire class building

  • Envelope simulator in the Z axis is reduced to a maximum of 700 mm and can be used in rooms with a ceiling height 2.8 m, with an option for a safety simulator suspension 4.2 m, with a pit 3.5 m. This allows you to install equipment virtually any standard indoors.
  • Bearing elements made ​​of trusses, so the weight is just 2.2 tons simulator, which is 3 times lower weight analogues, reduces and distribute the load on the floors of the building and place it on any floor of modern buildings.

15. Easy selection of premises:

  • Electric cylinder instead of hydraulic cylinders can reduce class fire safety of the building and save on the additional creation of thicker walls, floors, additional space required for hydraulic station.

16. The Pit:

  • A depth of the pit is 700 mm only, which is 1.8 times smaller counterparts.
  • The lower costs for network communications channels.


  • Light trucks and skid equipment is supplied thanks simulator individual units and parts, as well possible skid manually without special lifting equipment.
  • Convenient skid through standard doorways rooms all components. There is no need to destroy the walls of the room for a skid assembled / whole simulator. Parts are subject to building codes, where the maximum size 5m x 1m x 0.3 m and weight 80 kg.
  • Simple installation of the simulator without creating rails in the ceiling for crane beams and conduct design work for them.


17. Individual approach to a Customer:

We complement and improve equipment to suit individual Customer’s requirements, health and sports professionals. We have an opportunity to enter the equipment in any conditionally room.

18. Proximity to the Customer and understanding their needs:

  • respond to all requests promptly;
  • carry out repairs and maintenance of equipment as well as our other producers;
  • We speak in the same language with the Customer (Ukrainian, Russian, English, etc.).
  • Large warranty period is 24 months.


19. Price-country ski simulator and options to it is below under identical conditions of supply than that of counterparts from other manufacturers, the customer receives a high quality and reliability at the lower cost.

Comparative characteristics of the model range series Cross endless slopes PROLESKI

# Specification dynamic models SPORT
series Cross
1 Recommended number of skiers without including coach, for comfort skiing with the skis with length of 170 sm 2 2
2 Working length, mm 4500 4500
3 Working width, mm 3000 3000
4 Lifting mechanism type   electric cylinders
5 Inclination angle, °  V: -3° +15°; general motion 18° V: -3° +15°; general motion 18°
6 Maximum speed of the moving band basic/option km/h 45 45
7 Speed of inclination switching, deg./sec. 2°/s 2°/s
8 Speeding up of the inclinationangle switchint is basic and set up to, m/s2 0,25 m/s2 0,25 m/s2
9 Recommended height of the ceiling at the maximum lifting, m 3,5 3,5
10 Overall width, mm 4636 4665
11 Overall length (changes connected with the p. 5), mm 5500 .. 5630 5620 .. 5495
12 Height of the upper platform, mm (changes in accordance with p.5) -218 .. 1270 -208 .. +1040
13 Height of the lover platform, mm 700 700
14 Width of the mounting spot, not less than 4665 4700
15 Length of the mounting spot, not less than 5730 5700
16 Weight, kg 5000 4000
17 Load distribution and number of bearing plates 4 4
18 Power consumption (working/max.), kW/h 3/ 20 kW 4/ 28 kW
19 Framework, processing powder painting or zincing
20 Handrails stainless steel (by request) plexiglass
21 Starting plank
22 Working covering plain
23 Lead and driven shafts rubber covered
24 Band stabilization system automatic
25 Gradual speed control + +
26 Standing control board + 2 pieces
27 Standing control board Future option option
28 Remote control +
29 Ski carpet speed up adjustment option +
30 Automatic wetting water feed
31 Indication panel LCD V km/h, S km, t minutes 19,5″ with angle indication
19,5″ with angle indication
32 Break unit for quick stop + +
33 Zones of automatic break option according to the sensor of the skier position
34 Protective mat
35 Safety suspention system option +
36 Mirrors stand option
37 Automatic maintenance system option +
38 Statistics and billing system PROLESKI option
39 Slopes programming system option
40 Ergospirometry system option
41 8D Vision System
42 Lubrication concentrate PROLESKI
43 Function «realness» /speeding up of the inclination angle switching can be regulated up to 10 m/s2 option option
44 Qualified training of instructors
45 Function Transformation –> Direction  —
46 Automatic adjustment of the upper platform in horizontal position +
47 Walk way for the operator is 800 mm + working place of the operator + additional backup control panel +