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When designing and constructing each model of the simulators, we have thought out every detail, so that you and your customers use reliable and safe equipment with maximum comfort.

Standard basic configuration for PROLESKI endless ski slopes:

1. Frame structure:

Made of galvanized steel profile that can resist corrosion, has an increased strength, but is lighter as compared with a similar ferrous metal design, which is very important in case of installation at places with high requirements on the floor loading. The design is adapted for disassembly with the subsequent assembly at other place.

2. Bearing Units:

We use bearings of the time-tested quality, manufactured by SNR and General Motors – such bearings ensure reliable, trouble-free operation and easy service.

3. Drive shaft and driven shaft:

Metal shafts are coated with a rubber protector, protecting them from corrosion and eliminating the possibility of the band slip or shift.

4. Carpet of the simulator platform:

Made of waterproof plywood, which is favorable for a long service life without a need for major repairs.

5. Guard rails:

Made of high-strength aluminum profile and have a hi-tech design.

6. Passive safety element:

Protective mat on the top fixed platform of the simulator.

7. Active safety element:

IR sensor system for automatic emergency stop of the band when a customer falls. Also includes automatic stop for the upper zone – when a trainee is above the set level of the simulator’s platform.

8. Stationary control panel:

The panel is made of the polished stainless steel with a stand for floor mounting and has an esthetic hi-tech design. Functions: control panel locking, switching on and off, start and stop functions, smooth speed adjustment, and carpet moisturizing.

9. Remote control:

A miniature remote control with the following functions: smooth speed adjustment (faster/slower), carpet moisturizing, and start and stop.

10. Intelligent simulator control system:

Except for cases of an emergency stop of the band due to activation of safety sensors or pressing of the STOP button (when the band starts moving and after the session end), the band of the simulator starts and stops moving very smoothly. 

11. Sound notification:

You will hear a sound that notifies the trainer and skiers about the end of a session 10 seconds before the band stops moving.

12. Front guard rail:

Front guard rail is used to help skiers to hold when the band starts moving and is also useful for newbies’ training. It is made of the polished stainless steel and has an esthetic hi-tech design.

13. Automatic moisturizing:

Automatic water feeding starts when a respective button is pressed on the stationary or remote control panel. Water is fed to the working surface of the simulator’s carpet through special nozzles, located under the simulator.

14. Brake system:

Electronic active braking system ensures fast and safe stop of the band in case of activation of safety sensors or pressing of the STOP button on the stationary or remote control panel.

15. Water filtration system:

When the water treatment system is of poor quality, or the water-supply system is obsolete, stains and marks of water impurities may appear on the white working surface of the simulator, e.g. rust, etc.

To prevent the formation of dirt stains on the working surface and to prevent nozzles from clogging and extend their service life, we install the system of mechanical water filtration. Manometers are placed in front of and behind the filter to define the amount of impurities inside the filter cartridge.

16. High-quality surface:

All motionless areas of the simulator are covered with the waterproof and wear-resistant carpet, retaining its esthetic outlook for a long time even under severe operation conditions.

17. Working surface of the simulator:

This is an innovative development, designed in 2013 for ski and snowboards, which has long piles (22 mm), higher sliding ratio, and enhanced wear-resistance as compared with its analogues. It is also resistant to mechanical impact by ski and snowboard edges.

18. Band centering:

We use the patented technology of automatic band centering, requiring no interference from the staff and no manual adjustment of the simulator’s shaft position, which are required by its analogues. 

  • Warranty period: 24 months.
  • We do not only manufacture mountain skiing simulators – we are ideologists and leading consultants of the largest operating PROLESKI Ski club in Ukraine, and our trainers have titles of Honored masters of mountain skiing.
  • Our team knows everything required for comprehensive operation of equipment and a mountain skiing club, and we continuously work to enhance the convenience, quality, and safety of our equipment. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

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