PROLESKI software upgrade

Starting from the February 17th, 2015, program software PROLESKI will have version that can be viewed right in the program.

Any new upgrade will carry out checking of the version and if required carry out full upgrade.

All packages of Software upgrade now will be shaped in form of the program Update_PN.UN.SUN.ICN.exe

Where PN — number indication version of the program software,

      UN — number-indicating number of important changes in the same version of the program software,

      SUN — number indication number of not important changes of the program software that do not require implementation.

      ICN — number indication number of the program interface changes.

Launch of the program will lead to the program shutting down if it was opened, upgrade of its file and carrying out of the database correction, if the program was opened, it will be opened again without authorization after upgrade will be complete.

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